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Why Advertise with TESOL?

When your messaging reaches our audience, you’re influencing the largest English language teaching community worldwide. Advertise with us, participate in one of our popular partnership programs, or exhibit at the annual TESOL convention

  • Reach over 13,000 members worldwide, the largest English language teaching community.  
  • Online opportunities allow your reach to span the globe! Last year our virtual convention had representation from 141 countries.  
  • Nearly 40% of TESOL members recommend products and services for purchase. 

Advertising Opportunities

We offer many options to reach your desired audience. Establish and maintain brand awareness year-round with marketing opportunities online and in print. 


  • TESOL Journal
  • TESOL Quarterly
  • TESOL Connections 
  • The TESOL Blog 
  • TESOL English Language Bulletin (ELB) 
  • TESOL Website 


Events and Programs

  • TESOL ELevate
  • TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo 
  • TESOL Career Center 
  • TESOL Advocacy & Policy Summit
  • English Language Professional’s Resource Guide and Directory of Degree and Certificate Programs 
  • Mailing List Rentals 

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General Advertising Policies 

Please read these policies before reserving ad space with TESOL International Association. 

  • A signed advertising agreement is required for all advertising. 
  • All ads must be approved by TESOL and are accepted subject to the terms and provisions outlined in the media kit. 
  • TESOL reserves the right to reject, exclude, or cancel any ad or space commitment at any time for any reason. 
  • Advertisers are responsible for preparing their ads correctly and in accordance with advertising specifications published in this rate cardthe media kit. TESOL reserves the right to resize or otherwise correct an ad so that it conforms to published specifications. Because of the time constraints associated with publishing, the advertiser may not be contacted prior to changes made to submitted ad materials. The advertiser nevertheless remains responsible for any charges associated with making those changes. 
  • Companies with overdue balances owed to TESOL for any reason may not advertise until those balances are paid in full. 
  • Ads must be canceled in writing and confirmed by TESOL no later than the closing date for the issue(s). 
  • Cancellations (as well as changes in insertion orders) will not be accepted after the closing date. 
  • Advertisers will be short-rated* if, within a 12-month period from the start of a contract, they fail to use the number of insertions upon which billing was based. 
  • If advertising materials are not received by the material closing date for an issue in which space has been reserved, TESOL reserves the right to run a previous ad or, in the event no advertisement is on file, a house ad. In such cases, the advertiser remains responsible for all charges. 
  • TESOL does not pay agency commissions. This helps keep our ad rates low. 
  • TESOL does not accept employment ads for any TESOL serial publications, including TESOL Quarterly, TESOL Journal, and TESOL Connections. For information on how to place an employment ad, visit the TESOL’s Online Career Center. 
  • First-time advertisers are required to pay in full when the ad reservation is submitted. 
  • Repeat advertisers are required to pay 50% when the ad reservation is submitted. The balance is due within 30 days of receipt of invoice. 

*Short rated: If the advertiser has a 4-time contract and runs only 3 ads, all 3 ads are billed at the full-time rate because the advertiser did not qualify for the 4-time rate. 

Digital Advertising Policies 

In addition to the above policies, digital advertisers should also note the following 

  • Advertisements must be received one week prior to the first business day of the month for placement at the beginning of the month. 
  • All digital advertising must be prepaid. 

Global and Cultural Sensitivity 

Please remember that TESOL is a global organization, so your audience may not reside in the United States. 

  • Ad copy should avoid abbreviations, especially in street, city, and state addresses. 
  • Country designations (e.g., USA) should be added to addresses. 
  • All currencies should be designated by country (e.g., US$10). 
  • Ad copy should list area code and telephone number along with a U.S. 1-800 number. 


If you have any questions about TESOL's advertising policies, please contact us

Exhibit at TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo

Be a part of this innovative learning and networking event for English language professionals, presented in-person and virtually each year.

Reach more than 4,000 English language professionals from around the world!

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